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The Fresh-Link Market Report provides weekly information by division on growing and marketing conditions; and on product availability and pricing to assist our customers in product forecasting, identifying market trends, assessing transportation needs, and make timely purchasing decisions.


Tatums’s Garden

Fresh-Link Produce’s Monterey office chose to donate to an amazing park in their local community called Tatum’s Garden. Tatum’s Garden Foundation works with the Monterey County Community to help build Fully Accessible and Inclusive playgrounds where children of all abilities can play, side by side.  In Monterey County, 2017 records show almost 10,000 children enrolled within the Office of Education are challenged by either a physical, mental, or emotional disability.  Tatum’s Garden Foundation Treehouse has been designed to try and meet the needs of all children, providing a fun and engaging, safe and accessible sanctuary where children of any ability can play alongside their peers.  Features and components have been incorporated to engage those with mobility impairments who might use wheelchairs, walkers or need assistance moving safely around the playground, as well as features that will be fun for those with visual or auditory impairments, and even a few special places and spaces with either sensory stimulation, or sensory respite for those on the autism spectrum.   Expansion plans for another park in the area are in the works and Fresh-Link Produce Monterey was honored to help support this great cause.  For more information on this incredible park, please visit


Central California Food Bank’s Backpack Program

Fresh-Link Visalia proudly donated $300.00 this season to Central California Food Bank’s Backpack Program. The mission of the program is to meet the needs of hungry children by providing them with nutritious and easy to prepare food to take home on weekends and school vacations when other resources are not available. The program delivers 1,375 backpacks filled with food to 14 schools in the Fresno, Madera and Tulare counties of California.

Helping Those in Need

Veronica Sanchez in our Visalia office is a very active parent and a Daisy Troop leader in the local Girl Scout troop in Hanford, CA. With donations of fresh fruit to various events, Veronica also worked with the troop to collect donations for various times of need. Earlier this year, the city of Stratford, CA lost power and was in need of fresh water for consumption. The troop rallied and collected hundreds and hundreds of bottles of water to get to the residents to help them get through until fresh water was restored. The troop has always rallied to help those in need in their community without hesitation. With Veronica as their role model, they have learned to step up and help out. Veronica and Fresh-Link were honored as the Donor of Excellence award this year!

Family Pathways

Fresh-Link Produce was honored to donate to Family Pathways in East Central Minnesota this holiday season. Family Pathways started in 1978 as Family Resource Center that provided counseling services to youth and families.

Over the years, their services changed and evolved with the growing needs of the community and now include hunger relief, school backpack programs, summer lunch programs, domestic violence and sexual assault programs and shelter as well as youth programs.

Fresh Link’s donation this season will be used in the greatest need at this time- weekend backpack programs. This program provides food for deserving kids, so they will have meals over the weekend before returning to hot meal programs at school on Monday.

For more information on the programs provided, please visit