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Joan Tabak Fresh-Link West Account Manager Spearheads Volunteerism in Minneapolis
When the organizers of Super Bowl LII began recruiting for 10,000 volunteers to join “Crew 52”, Tabak heard the call. With her background of managing fundraisers and managing volunteer teams, Tabak was hired to be a captain of hundreds of Crew 52 members.

Interviewing and training was a big part of the process to get ready. Over the event weekend, Tabak led a goodwill ambassador team that helped the estimated 1 million visitors navigate Minneapolis’ 9 miles of skyways.

“I’ve always been a volunteer person and I like to help out in my community when and where I can. Volunteering for Crew 52 was so fun and it gave me the opportunity to meet other people who also like to contribute and give back,” said Tabak. Before the day of the game, her team was already lamenting the end of their journey, so she started a new group on Facebook called Forever 52 so these committed volunteers can continue to pay it forward as a group. By Super Bowl Sunday morning nearly 500 people signed up and now, nearly 2000 are members from the Twin Cities area, South Dakota, Iowa and even the UK.

“Our group will be working with existing organizations who need dedicated volunteers as well as being a resource for the Crew 52 members who want to volunteer in the community with the Crew 52 family, added Tabak. We have already been approached to help provide vetted volunteers for the WNBA All Star game, the 2019 LPGA golf event at Hazeltine Golf Course, and the Final Four NCAA tournament in 2019, – all being held in the Twin Cities area.”

While Forever 52 is just about a month old, their website www.forever52.org is set to launch end of March. The group has a kick-off event officially set up with Feed My Starving Children at which approximately 300 of the Forever 52 volunteers will make food packets which will be sent out to hungry children around the world.

“I am blessed to have a dedicated team of 8 who are the core group of this surprising response. I honestly thought maybe 200-300 people would join – I never imagined it would be this big. I am elated because these people are so dedicated and really want to give back. The impact we can make is truly amazing.”